Utakata no Uchronia will arrive in the West in 2025

Aksys Games to release otome visual novel developed by LicoBiTs Utakata no Uchronia for Switch in 2025 in the West, the publisher announced.

Utakata no Uchronia It was first released for Switch on April 11 in Japan.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Aksys Games:

Welcome to the famous and prosperous utopia, the flying city of Itehari. Our protagonist is Hinagiku, a noble lady from a distinguished family who yearns for the world beyond the floating city. One day, Hinagiku, who has just turned 18, encounters an amnesiac man named Yashiro. Their chance encounter becomes the catalyst that drags her into a series of events involving the secrets and various truths hidden beneath the surface of this beautiful utopia.

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