Valley Peaks for PC will be released on July 24

First-person climbing simulation game Peaks of the valley will be released for PC via Steam On July 24, publisher Those Awesome Guys and developer Tub Club announced.

A Switch version is also planned, but has no date.

Here is an overview of the game, through its Steam Page:


This first-person platformer… sorry, this first-person platformer challenges players to embark on a cozy climbing adventure like no other. Peaks of the valleyPlayers will discover a colorful and whimsical miniature open world where each mountain presents puzzles to solve. With unique climbing mechanics as a foundation, players will ascend towering peaks and encounter obstacles ranging from crumbling rocks to moving minecarts, all in an effort to install radio towers on top of the mountains to give the frog inhabitants access to the world beyond the valley. No matter which path you choose, adventure awaits in Peaks of the valley!

As players begin their journey through this picturesque mountain paradise, memories of their father come flooding back. However, they will have to mind his oversized webbed shoes, as after all, he is the reason they were chosen for this job in the first place.

Players can customize their climb with the mode that best suits their skills: Cozy mode offers a casual and relaxing playstyle suitable for even the most fanatical climbers, or Normal mode for those looking for a more challenging adventure.

Explore the hand-crafted open world, climb Mount Shroom, the highest point in Peaks of the valleyOr stroll through Roston Ranch, where you can pet the geese! Meet adorable frog friends, unlock cool gadgets to slow down time or take to the skies, and enjoy mini-games like the Moritmer Boat Race!

Main Features

  • Mocking Perspective – A unique first-person parkourlite adventure, just you and nature!
  • Adaptable frog – Choose between two different modes to customize your climb.
  • Happier life – Escape the daily grind and take a trip to the serene mountain landscape set in a miniature open world and unravel memories of yourself and your father.
  • Unlock a variety of gadgets – Get the slow motion clock that gives you some extra time to choose your next steps or a specialized language to help you get to those hard to reach places, and much more!
  • Friends and pads – Relax between climbing sessions with colorful frog friends and relaxing mini-games like Mortimer’s Boat Race or head to Bone Hill and take part in a pumpkin hunt.

Check out a new trailer below.

PC Release Date Trailer

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