The Valorant Blitz overlay is one of several tracker addons for FPS gameplay from Riot Games that offers players the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition by offering in-game statistics and analysis tools. However, its recently introduced combat tracker has many players concerned that its real-time damage tracking is giving those who use the Blitz tracker an “unfair advantage” in multiplayer play.

The Valorant Blitz tracker offers a number of useful features: as soon as you reach the loading screen, you’ll be shown the ranks and recent match stats of everyone in your lobby, giving you an idea of ​​what you’re up to. . against. You’ll also see similar stats on the operator selection screen, allowing you to try to analyze the best Valorant operators for your next match. It also includes a post-game stats breakdown for a detailed look at how each performed.

It is an officially recognized addon by Riot, with the team behind it. saying in august that “Blitz is still and always will be safe to use.” However, its most recent addition, a real-time in-game combat tracker, is leaving fans concerned that it offers too much of a tactical advantage.

The update now shows the overall damage taken by players in a round and updates on the fly as they continue to get hit. This means that observant players can now monitor stats and calculate how much damage they have dealt to an opponent. As an example, if you know the enemy Camera has taken 30 damage so far and then you trade hits, you can open your overlay, see them now at 90 damage taken, and know that you managed to deal 60 damage during the skirmish. .

Perhaps even more concerning, several users point that if you hit someone you can’t see, like spraying smoke or wallbang someone through one of the walls, you can tell who you hit by checking the stats. “Knowing who is/is not on the other side of a smoke you just sprayed is all round win information if used correctly,” comments one commenter.

Players are asking if this particular detail is against Valorant’s TOS (Terms of Service), but please note that because the information displayed in the Blitz overlay is taken from the Valorant API, Riot might update it. so it doesn’t deal damage in real time, but maybe between rounds. There are several Valorant trackers on the market, so it’s possible that other options will look for similar options in real time if this one is allowed to stick.

We’ve reached out to Riot Games for comment on this issue and will update this story with any response we receive from them.

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