PUBG MOBILE is set to release its latest version 2.6 update, which brings a host of new content and improvements. Most notably, the update introduces Dinoground, a prehistoric event that takes place from May 16 to June 18, where players can explore Dino settlements on the Erangel and Livik maps, stocked with supplies and populated with dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In an interesting twist, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the king of prehistoric creatures, will randomly appear in the settlement’s Fossil Keep during the match. This event will prompt players to demolish the guard gate and free the dinosaur, which they can then ride on.

The Dinoground event also brings elemental zone areas into the game, scattered randomly across Erangel, and teeming with aggressive pterosaurs and Velociraptors. These prehistoric creatures can also be mounts that have been tamed by players. Each dinosaur offers unique advantages, with Velociraptor providing the ability to adapt across different terrains and a powerful jump, while Pterosaurs providing the ability to fly, picking up teammates or enemies from above. These initial areas also feature mini-games, providing opportunities for players to earn in-game rewards.

Pterosaur Hoops Challenge is one such minigame, where players must navigate a Pterosaur through a series of hoops suspended from hot air balloons within a certain amount of time. Successful completion of this aerial challenge will reward players with Dino Treasure Supplies upon landing. Players can also discover dino treasures on elevated platforms, which can be reached with a powerful jump from the tamed Velociraptor.

The 2.6 update doesn’t stop at Dinoground; It extends to PUBG MOBILE’s creative mode, World of Wonders. This update will enable more players to participate and build their own experiences with a host of improvements and upgrades. It will also introduce a new multiplayer platform racing model, allowing players to set hidden traps to challenge the skills of others.

Moreover, the 2.6 update brings with it a myriad of updates for the fourth cycle Season 12, offering new content, rewards, and cosmetics for players to unlock. The newly renamed Royale Pass Ace 1 coincides with the launch of Dinoground, featuring new base rewards, seasonal missions, and an engaging background.

PUBG MOBILE will also reveal a collaboration with a motorcycle brand later in the update.


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