Vexlands, an open world crafting adventure, is coming to PC in 2024

Vexlands challenges players to collect resources and unlock neighboring areas in exchange for coins. Each newly acquired piece can introduce positive or negative elements into the ecosystem, ranging from fruitful resources to dangerous enemies and natural disasters. The game provides a unique experience with each play, thanks to its procedurally generated world and dynamic weather system.

Players will be able to create a thriving home base equipped with supplies and defensive structures, and explore five distinct biomes throughout their missions. Crafting stations, livestock and resource production buildings will be essential for survival. In addition, players can collect herbs for cooking or craft potions to increase their health, speed, and defense.

Combat in Vexlands is highly customizable, allowing players to focus on a variety of abilities and skill trees. They can choose to prioritize cultivation, production, storage upgrades, or adventure skills to vanquish enemies and navigate dangerous dungeons.

says Scott Miller, founder of Apogee Entertainment, “Vexlands shines in its customizability. Each game is a new experience that suits different play styles.” The procedurally generated game world, custom progression system, and relaxing atmosphere promise a unique adventure for every player.

Photo: Apogee Entertainment

As the sole survivor in the Cursed Lands, players must collect resources, unlock mysterious cells, and cleanse the world by bringing it back to life. Hidden Ruins will reveal the story of the unknown catastrophe that befell the world. The game also features underground dungeons and caves filled with loot, traps, and creatures, requiring players to craft suitable equipment to survive.

Vexlands introduces the element of chance with each new area unlocked, similar to pulling a slot machine lever. Players can discover resources, treasures, or even meteors that affect their village. Existing resources can be turned into tools, buildings, and defenses that are essential for survival.

Players will venture across the wilds, dive into dungeons filled with puzzles and loot, and encounter powerful monsters in their quest to cleanse the Cursed Lands. As players progress, they can level up and unlock perks from the branching talent tree, customizing their character to their preferred play style.

Vexlands is currently in development, and PC gamers can expect its launch steamGOG, and the Epic Games Store in 2024.

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