This is a complete information to the that means of all present results in Video Horror Society, comprised to try to assist newer gamers perceive what sure results imply, and the place they’re coming from, permitting them to adapt to the conditions they discover themselves in accordingly. I do know I’m not essentially the most educated about what conditions may cause a number of the results to happen, so skilled suggestions is welcome, and if I miss something let me know so I can reprise it with extra detailed entries!

Positive Teen Effects

Fed [Item Only] – Recovers ~15% of the customers well being over the course of roughly 5 seconds. (Chompie Bar unique)

Speed Boost – After consuming a Clash Cola or being hit whereas wholesome by a non-enraged Monster, your pace is roughly doubled for ~3 seconds. (Note – This pace is elevated by Lightning Fast when utilized by being injured)

Vice Grip [Teen Perk Specific] – When lively, the following time you might be downed the weapon you might be at the moment holding is not going to be misplaced. (Note 1 – Only prompts as soon as per match) (Note 2 – Activation depends upon the tier of the perk, and based mostly on that tier, what number of Teens have died)

Born Tough [Teen Perk Specific] – For the primary 180 seconds of the match, your max well being is elevated (based mostly on the tier of the perk geared up). (Note – Upon the top of the 180 seconds, no matter when you’ve got misplaced it or not, the bonus section of the well being bar is misplaced)

Team Spirit [Teen Perk Specific] – The pace that you just Heal, Revive, Resurrect, and Disarm is elevated by a small % (based mostly on the tier of the perk geared up). (Note – While a number of of this impact can’t have an effect on the identical particular person, all throughout the results radius will obtain the impact)

Skill Boost – Upon succeeding a Perfect Skill Check, the pace of your present motion is elevated. (Progress is sped while charging or crafting, and motion pace is doubled if achieved whereas Prone/downed)

Vision – Reveals the aura of the Monster. (Lasts for five seconds when attributable to a noisemaker / 60 seconds or till harm is completed to both facet when attributable to the claiming of a Rift) / (When taking part in towards a Doll Master, the aura of a doll being managed shall be revealed somewhat than the physique of the Doll Master)

Negative Teen Effects

Blunder – Upon failing a Skill Check whereas charging a Shock Sphere or crafting any weapon, the pace at which you craft is halved for 5 seconds afterwards.

Jammed [Prize Specific] – Upon activation by a monster, the pace at which all therapeutic, crafting, or charging are finished is halved for ~15 seconds. (Note – This capacity is just out there by way of a Monster prize, which may be activated at first of a Match as soon as Transformed and as soon as an extra 10 hits have been dealt to the Teen)

Immobilized – When failing a Skill Check whereas inclined, you can be unable to crawl for about three seconds.

Deafened – The Tension Loop is silenced at some point of the impact. (Caused by use of the Shock Sphere, the Thunder Howl mutation of the Werewolf, or the Deafen Echolocation mutation on W.A.R.T.)

Distressed – For ~7 seconds after a teen is hit or the Rift is claimed, Teens throughout the Tension Loop shall be unable to make use of weapons, use objects, craft, or heal.

Cowering – For ~7 seconds after the Werewolf howls, Teens shall be unable to make use of weapons, objects, craft, or heal. (Note – The Werewolf can nonetheless use its different talents whereas Teens are cowering) (Note 2 – Teens outdoors of the Tension Loop is not going to be affected, and might come shut and assault the Werewolf or carry out different actions even when they arrive inside vary while different Teens should be Cowering)

Stagger – Teens throughout the inexperienced define of a W.A.R.T. leap or Monsters inside Tension Loop distance of a Rift claimed by Teens shall be slowed from their base motion pace for a short while. (This impact adjustments in depth and period with the powers, mods or mutations that trigger them)

Vulnerable – When inside a locker, Teens change into susceptible, throughout which Monsters that examine the locker the susceptible Teen is in shall be downed no matter whether or not they’re wholesome or injured, dealing harm equal to at least one hit even when wholesome when caught.

General Monster Effects

Exposed – The aura of any Teens affected are revealed at some point of the impact. (Caused by Doll Masters Haunted Doll Place mutation, Teens failing a Skill Check while crafting, or the claiming of the Rift by a Monster)

Banished – After being totally broken by a sure weapon time for the primary time in a match, you’ll change into invisible for ~10 seconds, having a doubled motion pace. (Note 1 – Teens inside ~12 meters for you possibly can hear a distorted sound while Banished) (Note 2 – Teens usually are not seen throughout a Banishment, however can nonetheless be heard therapeutic, crafting, or shifting round) (Note 3 – The Doll Master can place dolls while Banished that shall be highlighted in white, and pre-present dolls will flip white, turning into unable to disarm till the Doll Master is now not banished)

Stunned – When being hit by a weapon kind that you’ve got already been Banished by, you can be immobilized for about seven seconds. (Note 1 – Teens with different weapons can Banish you while Stunned) (Note 2 – While the Monster makes a loud noise, Teens can nonetheless be seen and heard, giving time for a Monster to arrange for the potential ambush or chase ought to they get well earlier than being Banished)

W.A.R.T. Effects

Resonance – When the W.A.R.T. makes use of it is Echolocation capacity, the situation of all Teens shall be marked, and ~2 seconds later this location shall be revealed to the Monster. (Note – The Afterimage, or the glowing define of a teen left behind, is the place the teenager is a second into use of the power, being their location roughly 4 seconds previous to the place they’re on the finish of the Resonance period) (Note 2 – When utilizing the Detect mutation, Teens with weapons are highlighted in a light-weight blue somewhat than yellow)

Armored – When W.A.R.T. makes use of its Acid Shield, it’s given a interval of ~10 seconds during which any singular assault that may in any other case stun or banish it’ll as a substitute destroy the defend, destroying the weapon and slowing the wart significantly for ~0.5 seconds. (Note – If a second weapon is used throughout or shortly after a distinct weapon breaks the armor, the weapon will start to progress the bar of gorgeous or banishing it as soon as the defend has totally damaged)

Flinch – The brief interval during which the W.A.R.T. is significantly slowed for half a second upon a weapon breaking its Acid Shield. (Flinch doesn’t happen after the defend naturally disappears)

Werewolf Effects

Berserk – The Werewolf will increase it is motion pace (by a base enhance of 24%) for a base twelve seconds (this will increase or decreases with sure mutations). (Missed assaults even have a 14% decreased cooldown while the Berserk standing impact is lively)

Hunting – The Werewolf will hear a heartbeat of accelerating depth based mostly on their distance from the closest Teen. (Note 1 – Teens, whereas unable to see this standing impact, will be capable of hear a definite growl while it’s getting used) (Note 2 – Prone/downed Teens will nonetheless be detected by this capacity except the Chronic mutation is in use)

Savage – When utilizing the Savage Howl mutation, being hit by a weapon will trigger this standing to seem, permitting for a Howl for use at 500% activation pace (1 -> 0.2 seconds)

Doll Master Effects

Alarmed – When a Teen comes inside one meter of a doll while uncrouched, it’ll begins to yell for six seconds, lowering the main target time required for all actions associated to this doll. If no actions are taken, the doll disappears again into the Doll Master’s stock.

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