Drop Dead: Cabina zombie VR shooter from the developer and publisher Spirit Societyrelease him Mines and patterns Updated with a gameplay overview. The update includes Clay Mines as a new area, more weapons, and new difficulty levels.

Drop Dead: Cabin It was launched last February and is now available on Meta Quest. You can watch complete Mines and patterns Update trailer on Drop Dead VR YouTube channel:

Mines proves to be a completely recognizable new territory, creating another kind of claustrophobic that keeps pace and feels loudly themed. Dilapidated wood, winding wagon tracks, and narrow tunnels create a natural sense of danger. Small details like crystals and mushrooms add a touch of mystery and color.

Fortunately, mines are accompanied by two new weapons that are designed to join them. Uzi seems to be more of a last resort, and is sure to burn through ammo pretty quickly. But while mines guide enemies through various choke points, a sudden blast from the Uzi River should help clear out the small clusters.

Next, the gun balances that out by providing the opposite. It’s powerful enough for a single hit, but rewards for careful shooting. The two weapons together are the classic long-range loadout, which should allow skilled players to keep zombies at bay in the mines.

Drop Dead: Cabin It only came out a couple of months ago, so it seems unlikely that casual players will actually master the game. It feels like an arcade experience, where you hop in with a friend to have some fun. But the Nightmare and Hardcore difficulty levels are sure to interest shooter fans who need something more to keep interest.

You can read more about Drop Dead: Cabinand Soul Assembly and other zombie games by checking out the rest of our news section.

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