Walking Fortress Castle Come roguelike game announced for consoles and PC

Zurich-based studio lauflauf has announced castle comea walking fortress roguelike game coming to unspecified consoles and PC via Steam in the second quarter of 2025.

“Our small two-person team is very excited to be able to announce castle come to the world with our first trailer,” producer and designer Sam Vonasch said in a press release. “We look forward to sharing more about the game’s mechanics, our special vision for storytelling, and when it will be released in the future.”

Here’s an overview of the game, via its steam page:


castle come is a walking fortress roguelike. Explore a strange land full of bandits in search of new pieces, defeat enemy fortresses and scavenge the rubble, recruit crew to man your growing arsenal of weapons, and build your way from a small agile fortress to a monstrous and deadly machine.

Key Features

  • Build your fortress – Buy and search for new weapons, mods and towers to grow your fortress from a small fortress to a massive monster. Easily drag and drop machine gun turrets, mine launchers, modifiers, tractor beams, chicken runs, flamethrowers, giant rocks and more.
  • Fight enemies and search for their parts – It is not only bandits who roam these dangerous lands. You will have to fight and defeat other walking fortresses. Search their remains for parts to become more powerful, or you will become scrap metal for them to do the same!
  • Space combat inspired by fighting games – Switch to a Tekken-inspired 2.5D fighting view when engaging in combat to utilize sidesteps, dodges, and lunges. Be wary of rocks, walls, and other environmental features that might surround you as you attempt to control space in battle and avoid attacks from your enemies.
  • Style and strategy to slow down time – Take advantage of a neat time slowdown feature that activates every time you line up a shot with one of the weapons in your arsenal. Take control of each weapon yourself or let your crew fire at will while you juggle active reloads, cooldowns, and movement in the pursuit of maximum battlefield efficiency.
  • Profit from past defeats in a persistent world – The remains of your former stronghold in your previous failed career may be discovered as an overgrown ruin with parts to pick up as you take on the hopes of the next generation, or a house you protected could have become a flourishing village. The impact of your past actions is always felt in the future, even if you failed.
  • Discover what’s beyond the doors – In Castle Come, you are born into a world surrounded by mighty walls, with a mysterious door shrouded in legend offering the only way out. The door will only let the largest robot in each area through. Progress through the doors to explore and gather resources, discover Forges, and ultimately uncover the mystery of who built these doors and why you have been trapped behind them.

Watch the announcement trailer below. See the first screenshots in the gallery.

Announcement trailer

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