After years of trauma and under immense grief, Wanda Maximoff reaches a breaking point in WandaVision. The powerful witch who was once regarded as an Avengers hero now holds captive the residents of Westview through mind control and creating the Hex. For these actions, some may call her a villain. Alternatively, some believe Agatha Harkness to be the villain of WandaVision. After all, the witch tried to kill Wanda, tried to strip her of her powers, captured her children and even had her own evil theme song, “Agatha All Along.” However, there’s a possibility that the true main villain of WandaVision isn’t Agatha or the Scarlet Witch; there’s evidence that the antagonist may be the Darkhold itself.

The Darkhold, AKA the Book of Sins, is a powerful spell book comprised of dark matter from the Hell dimension. Sometime during the hundreds of years prior to Agatha entering Westview, the witch came into possession of the book. The Darkhold amplified her powers, giving her the ability to break into Wanda’s Hex unnoticed.

Disguised as the perky, next door neighbor Agnes, Agatha hid the Darkhold in the secret lair of her Westview house, where she was able to study the book while keeping a watchful eye on Wanda. Later, Agatha would discover that Wanda is the Scarlet Witch — the same witch that is written about in the Darkhold. Wanda eventually obtains the spell book after defeating Agatha.

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A Reddit theory by Handsart suggests that the true villain of WandaVision isn’t really Wanda or Agatha. Instead, the Darkhold manipulates both of them. First, it uses Agatha to go to Westview to get closer to Wanda. Playing on her grief, the Darkhold seduces Wanda with the power to create her idyllic, suburban life with Vision and her children. However, in the process, she hurts the people of Westview and causes damage to the Multiverse, which will have a ripple effect throughout the entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four, and possibly beyond.

However, if the Reddit theory stands to be true, Wanda isn’t the villain. She is in the grips of the Darkhold, and thus can’t be the one responsible for what happened to the Westview residents. The Redditor mentions that Wanda seems disoriented for much of WandaVision, implying that the Darkhold has influenced her so much that she doesn’t really know what she’s doing.

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Wanda can’t exactly explain the Hex or how she created it, and she can’t fully control it. Likewise, the villain can’t be Agatha, because the spell book was influencing her as well in order to get to Wanda. This somewhat dilutes her character, making her more of a small pawn than a mighty villain.

The theory seems plausible, but does have a few holes. First of all, the Darkhold arrives with Agatha after Wanda creates the Hex, so it’s hard to imagine the book could influence her from outside of Westview. Once the Darkhold is in Westview, Agatha keeps it hidden away, locked deep in her basement, far enough away from Wanda that she can’t sense it, so is Darkhold really that powerful that it can influence the Scarlet Witch herself without her knowing?

Time will reveal if the Darkhold is the inconspicuous villain the theory posits it is. Wanda’s storyline continues in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where she may be nudged a step further into the antagonist role. As well, Chthon is rumored to appear in the film, and both he and Wanda are connected to the Darkhold in the comics. If these events align, it’s possible, then, that the spell book has been running the show all along.

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