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There are an enormous amount of weapons in Warframe. With such a large roster, the inevitability of some older weapons becoming obsolete has been a very real issue for a long time now. My personal favorite, the Braton, hasn’t been a relevant weapon for many years now. However, the Duviri Paradox update has managed to breathe new life back into these forgotten weapons through the introduction of the Incaron Genesis system. Interested in reviving that old dusty Lato of yours? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about the Incaron Genesis System in Warframe.

Warframe – Incaron Genesis, Explained

The Incarnon Genesis system is a system that directly feeds off the success of the Incaron system introduced with the Angels of Zariman update. Weapons that are influenced via Incarnon require specific challenges to be completed to make them gain significant boosts in power. The challenges are entirely dependent on the weapon in question. The Incarnon Genesis system is the process of turning outdated weaponry into Incarnon weapons, thus bringing them back into relevancy. To do this, you’re going to need a special item called an Incaron Genesis Adaptor.

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To get an Incaron Genesis Adaptor, you first will need to have access to the Steel Path difficulty. You’ll need to run the Endless Circuit game mode introduced with the Duviri Paradox update. Incaron Genesis Adaptors can be picked as an optional reward on cycle five and cycle 10 of the Endless Circuit. Note that you can only obtain two adaptors a week, so make sure you know for certain which weapons you intend to apply them to.

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Once you have your adaptors, head to the Zariman and speak with Cavalero. He will allow you to install your adaptors on the weapon you desire, so long as you have the necessary resources from Duviri. The resource cost is dependent on the weapon.

How to unlock the Steel Path in Warframe

Unlocking the Steel Path is very easy, but very time-consuming. You’ll first need to complete the entire Warframe Star Map. Upon doing so, Teshin will send you a mail letting you know that the Steel Path exists. Go and speak with him at any Relay station, and then the Steel Path will be unlocked for you. The Steel Path significantly boosts the difficulty of all Star Map content, so be prepared to deal with much more powerful enemies than normal. You can switch between the Steel Path and Normal mode at any time from the Navigation screen.

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