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Incarnon Weapons are special weapons from the bygone era of Okorin, a civilization very advanced at the peak of its time. Initially intended for a ceremonial purpose, to celebrate the maiden voyage of the Zariman Ten Zero, these instruments of war have been touched by the Void and transformed into something much deadlier. Here is a list of all Incarnon Weapons in Warframe.

All Incarnon Weapons in Warframe, listed

05 – Laetum

Laetum is an Incarnon pistol with an interesting Incarnon mechanic. By scoring a headshot a sufficient amount of times, you will transform this weapon’s fire from a semi-automatic to full auto, additionally dealing Radiation damage to enemies within a small area of effect. In its basic form, it deals Slash damage by firing explosive shots.

04 – Felarx

Felarx is a powerful Incarnon fully automatic shotgun that, once it reaches a full Incarnon Transmutation meter, transforms into a pair of semi-automatic pistols, much to your Mesa’s delight. It deals Slash damage during its Shotgun form, and while changing to Incarnon, it deals Radiation damage. This weapon goes exceptionally well together with the Multishot perk because the additional headshots the perk grants count toward the number needed for the Transmutation meter.

03 – Innodem

Initially a ceremonial dagger, Innodem can evolve it by performing a heavy attack using a Melee Combo of 5x or more. Doing so will increase its attack speed by 40%, range by 3m, and enable the wielder to throw projectiles when aim-gliding. It deals Slash damage primarily in its basic form, and its projectiles deal Radiation damage.

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02 – Praedos

Just like Kuva weapons are evolved versions of the normal arsenal, Praedos is an Incarnon take on a Tonfa weapon, acting similarly to Innodem. Upon reaching a Melee Combo of 5x or more by performing a heavy attack, the Praedos evolves into its Incarnon form, increasing its range by 2m and attack speed by 40%. When held in the melee mode, it adds a 20% Bullet Jump bonus.

01 – Phenmor

Phenmor is an Incarnon rifle that fires semi-auto, primarily dealing Slash damage in its normal state. It will evolve into a fully automatic weapon when you get its Transmutation meter fully charged by performing 12 headshots. Headshots coming from the Multishot perk still count toward the headshots requirement. When evolved, the shots deal pure Radiation and Slash damage, have a largely reduced recoil, and a 3-meter Punch Through. The downside of using this mode is that the firing rate decreases over time the more you use it, making it less effective over time.

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