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The Duviri Paradox is a monstrous update for both new players and old players alike. For the new player, you’ll have a choice to make, but for the old, you may find that it is not yet accessible to you. Beginning the Duviri Paradox storyline has requirements that absolutely must be entertained before it becomes available. Wondering when you can start the Duviri Paradox content? Well, look no further. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to begin the Duviri Paradox in Warframe

Let’s start with new players first. As a new player, you’ll be given the choice to pick between starting the Duviri Paradox, and thus playing as the Drifter, or starting the traditional Warframe beginning, picking between starter Warframes. As such, beginning the Duviri Paradox as a new player is as easy as selecting the option upon logging into the game for the first time.

On the other side, if you’re an existing player of Warframe, in order to begin the Duviri Paradox questline, you’ll need to have completed the Vor’s Prize storyline, the first major storyline presented to you. This questline acts as a sort of basic tutorial for Warframe’s major gameplay systems. It will have you building many of the major components you’ll constantly be using throughout your time in Warframe, on your personal Orbiter starship. Once Vor’s Prize has been completed, you’ll be able to manually begin the Duviri Paradox from your Codex.

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How to complete Vor’s Prize

As mentioned, Vor’s Prize is the first questline you’ll have access to you when you begin Warframe through the traditional Warframe route, following the intro Awakening questline. Completion of Vor’s Prize is largely basic as it acts like a tutorial.

Restore Ship Comms

When you begin the quest, you’ll find out that the Grinner has basically stripped down your Orbiter, and many systems will need to be prepared. You are tasked to retrieve the stolen data from the Grinner, and extract it from the mission. Very simple.

Liberate The Imprisoned Dealer

Next, you’ll be given to mission to save an imprisoned arms dealer named Darvo. He is a major character in the Warframe lore, and you’ll be seeing him pretty often, especially as a new player. You’ll be tasked with saving him from the Grinner that has him hostage at Mariana, Earth. About midway through the mission, Vor, the main antagonist during this questline, will hack into your Warframe with the Ascaris, the device he put on your frame during the game’s intro sequence. Complete the rescue mission, and you’ll earn the Ascaris Negator blueprint, which is necessary to remove the device.

Locate the Foundry Segment

Upon returning to your Orbitor, you’ll find out that you cannot yet craft the Ascaris Negator because you do not have the Foundry crafting station installed yet. You’ll need to locate one and will be given the task to do so. Complete the mission by killing all of the Grinner, then extract.

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Raid The Corpus Resource Caches

With the Foundry Segment in hand, head downstairs on your Orbitor, and install it. You’ll now be able to craft the Ascaris Negator, but you’ll be missing the materials necessary to do so. In this mission, deploy to the Corpus-controlled location, and find the Corpus Supply Caches that contain the needed materials. Then, extract. Starting to see a pattern? That’s because this gameplay loop is Warframe in a nutshell.

Obtain The Mercury Nav Segment

Vor, ultimately is the one in control of your Warframe, so you need to find and get rid of him for this step. To do this, complete the next mission which has you going for the Mercury Nav Segment, which will tell you exactly where Vor is hiding on Mercury. Once you’ve obtained the segment, the cross-mission Sabotage mission will begin in which you’ll be tasked with destroying the Grineer ship’s reactor. Completion of this will begin a five-minute self-destruction countdown. All you need to do is extract before that time ends.

Confront Captain Vor

With everything in hand, it’s time to confront Vor on Cambria, Earth. Vor is a boss encounter that requires you to use most of what you’ve learned to defeat him. Use the mods you’ve gained along this journey, and equip them to your weapons and Warframe. Do this, and he is not difficult. Kill him, and the Ascaris on your chosen Warframe will disappear, marking the end of the Vor’s Prize questline. The Duviri Paradox can then be chosen to begin from your Codex.

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