The popular Roblox game, Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition, based on the New York Times bestselling “Warriors” fantasy book series, has released its Prey V1 update. Players can now hunt forest creatures such as mice, rabbits, birds and fish in the immersive world of Warrior Cats. Developers plan to release more prey variety and expand hunting feature in upcoming updates. If any freebies have been added, you can find them on the Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition Codes page!

To search the game, players need to crouch down, which reveals a new sidebar. They can then track prey using scent markings and trails found in the game world. The update is called “V1” because it doesn’t include all the features planned for Prey, and players may encounter some bugs, rough areas, and awkward gameplay. However, developers are committed to developing this feature and improving prey behavior over time.

The Prey V1 update also brings a complete redesign of the game’s map, which started as minor changes to the trees but has evolved into an overhaul. The new map aims to improve the aesthetic performance of the game. As a work in progress, the developers are looking forward to improving the map based on player feedback.

In addition to new hunting features and a map revamp, the update addresses performance issues. Fixed several areas of the game to eliminate lag when entering the editor and map. Changes have also been rolled out to reduce crash and lag rates on lower end devices, with the first batch included in this update. Gamers are advised to check their settings and pay attention to lag warnings, especially when playing on mobile devices.

With a mix of new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements, the Roblox Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition Prey V1 update promises to enhance the gaming experience for fans of the “Warriors” book series, letting them create their own Warrior Cats, choose their path, and control their destiny in a forested territory.

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