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Gritty medieval turn-based RPG Wartales is a deep and immersive experience where there’s a lot to take in early on. With characters having both combat and crafting professions, it’s easy to miss some of the subtler buffs and character boosts. Quite early on you’ll be given the opportunity to assign the role of Captain. Then afterward, you’ll occasionally be allowed to name others as Lieutenants. These aren’t just titles, but give new skills outside of their specializations, as explained in this Wartales lieutenant and captain guide.

What does a captain do in Wartales?

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Your captain will get a higher salary but gets a new skill, Galvanise Troops. It is only useable once per encounter but is a free action and gives your side an immediate one Valour Point per ally in the area around the Captain. Despite only being once per battle this can be huge, so you want your captain to be a companion who will be in the thick of the battle to get the most out of it. Or, if you start a battle low on Valour, have them close to your main group and able to quickly take advantage of the skill.

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What does a Lieutenant do in Wartales?

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Once a companion has been assigned as a Lieutenant in Wartales they will draw slightly more salary, but the trade-off skill is well worth it. Once during each encounter, each Lieutenant can trigger their Tactical Order skill. This costs one Valour Point to give all nearby units the Orderly status, which means each of those troops generates twice as much Valour.

Has Lieutenant Tactical Order changed?

The Tactical Oder skill changed in April 2023. Previous to the update, Tactical Order had given an Attack of Opportunity ability to engaged allied companions adjacent to the Lieutenant at the cost of one Valour point.  

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Can you change Captains and Lieutenants in Wartales?

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If you think you’ve made a bad choice for your lieutenants or captain, such as choosing an archer which you’ll want to keep away from the action, don’t worry. You can freely change who your Captain and Lieutenants are any time you are on the Camp screen. Simply click the character who currently has the title and click the Manage Companion cog in the bottom right of their picture image. For the price of 50-100 Influence, you will be able to choose the option Name a new Captain or Lieutenant.

Who should be assigned as Captains and Lieutenants in Wartales?  

As both the Captain and Lieutenant skills have relatively small AoE ranges, placement, and timing are important. The Captain’s role is more likely to benefit a relatively mobile tank or a very mobile ranger, as they’ll be more likely to be able to get into a position to get the most out of it. The Lieutenant’s role is more specific to your party, as the range is even small, and you will need to target companions who generate a lot of Valour.  

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