Wartales is a squad-based medieval RPG in which you move around a real-time map before entering into turn-based combat. You start with a party of four but can add and lose members along the way, as long as you’re earning enough money and finding enough food to pay and feed them all. This begs the question, what is the maximum party size in Wartales and what is the optimal size?

How big can your party be in Wartales?

Technically speaking, your party can be as large as you want it to be in Wartales. We’ve seen players experimenting with more than 30 companions, including pets and ponies. This means you can scale it to suit your play style, while also taking into consideration whether you’re playing in Adaptive or Region-Locked mode.

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What is the optimal party size in Wartales?

Again, the optimal party size is going to depend on your play style and mode. You can comfortably complete the game with seven to eight companions, alongside a few pets and ponies. This allows you to cover all the main professions and equip all the great equipment you’ll find along the way. But if you want to double or triple that number, you should feel free to.

If you’re playing Region-Locked the enemies you’ll face are set in terms of size and difficulty, so adding more companions should simply make battles easier while making paying and feeding them more challenging. However, if playing in Adaptive Mode, each companion you add to your party is going to see an extra enemy added to your opponent’s party. This will make battles longer, so if you like larger-scale combats add as many extra companions as you can handle.

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