How people in 13 states could be TAXED up to $1,100 under Biden's Student Relief plan

Joe Biden's plan to help people pay off their student loans could lead to state taxes of up to $1,100 in at least 13 states.

This is because the $10,000–$20,000 in loan forgiveness could be added to a person's income when they file their taxes.

Arkansas, West Virginia, and Mississippi have some of the highest poverty rates.

These are the states where people and couples could have to pay more in taxes because of student loan forgiveness.

The Tax Foundation, a think tank, says that 13 states currently count this relief as income.

However, the number of states that might tax this student loan relief could go down if changes are made in the law or in how it is handled.

Also, the Attorneys General of several conservative states is thinking about going to court to stop the administration's plan to forgive debts.

According to an analysis by a non-profit think tank, the extra taxes caused by the relief could range from $307 in Pennsylvania to $1,100 in Hawaii.

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