Social Security payments: First half of monthly $1,682 SSI checks to be sent in five days

Supplemental Security Income recipients will get the first of two extra payments for the month of September in just five days.

The money will come in two $841 checks on September 1 and September 30.

The Social Security Administration says that September is one of the three months in 2022 when people get two SSI checks.

For couples who are eligible, the amount of money goes up to two $1,261 checks, for a total of $2,522.

According to an SSA schedule, the other two months where two payments are given out on the same month are April and December.

Unlike traditional Social Security, SSI is paid for by taxes on everyone and is meant to help people who are old, blind, or disabled and have little or no income.

There are no payments planned for January, May, or October of 2022.

The SSA says that the two-month payments in September, April, and December are meant to make up for the months that don't have payments, so that 12 payments are made each year.