Stimulus update 2022: Exact date huge $3,200 direct check payment

Next month, the first big direct payments of $3,200 will be sent to Alaskans who are eligible.

The Alaska Legislature passed a budget earlier this year that says residents who qualify will get $3,200 by the end of the year.

Alaska Public Media said that the first round of direct payments will start going into bank accounts on September 20.

Then, at the beginning of October, paper checks will be sent out.

According to the report, the Alaska state Senate had approved a $5,500 payout, but that plan failed in the state House.

The two chambers' negotiators tried to find a middle ground of $3,850.

But Hopkins and other lawmakers said no to that, which led to the $3,200 number.

As reasons for a bigger payment, people who wanted it pointed to inflation, rising energy costs, and other problems that hurt everyday Alaskans' bank accounts.

The money comes from the Permanent Fund dividend, and according to the report, $3,200 is one of the biggest payments the state has ever received.