What would happen to the Earth if humans went extinct?

1. Wildfires would keep burning for an unknown amount of time if there were no firefighters to put them out.

2. The desert would take over cities like Las Vegas and Dubai, which would eventually be completely buried.

3. If people weren't in charge, satellites would fall out of Earth's orbit and land on the planet.

4. Raw sewage would start to flood, which would pollute all the areas around it.

5. Cities would be taken over by nature

6. Without proper maintenance, dams would break down over time, which would cause huge floods.

7. Termites would eat all wooden houses and other structures made of wood in the long run.

8. It's likely that crossbred fruits and vegetables that people have changed will go back to their wild forms over time.

9. Some animals would have to learn to live in new places.

10. CO2 levels would go back to what they were before people.

11. If people didn't fish or pollute the oceans, there would be a lot more sea life.

12. There would be a lot more insects.

13. There will be a lot of plastic left behind, but nature will have a lot of time to get used to it.

14. After tens of thousands of years, there won't be much proof that people ever lived.

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