Whatever happened to those hated resort fees?

Why do we still have to pay resort charges?

Some travelers believed that.

Hotel chain Marriott International was forced to disclose the contentious add-ons at the beginning of each booking transaction.

This was a part of a settlement that was announced by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) in late 2017.

Shapiro said in a press release at the time that "hotels shouldn't be able to slap hidden fees on top of your bill at the last minute."

We're warning the hotel sector to stop this dishonest conduct thanks to this compensation.

Many believed wrongly that the settlement would eliminate all resort fees in a short period of time.

However, hotel resort fees, which are required daily fees for services that should be incorporated during your stay, are still commonplace today.

Although the industry has not followed Marriott's lead, it may be strengthening its disclosure.

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