Weed Shop 3 - Walkthrough Guide and Gameplay

This information incorporates data on Weed Shop 3 damaged down into the principle classes of the game, in addition to a Tutorial Walkthrough. The information will evolve because the game does!

Official Weed Shop 3 Discord: https://discord.gg/u7qHUZU5ry

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  1. Grow Setup – The benefit of utilizing a Grow Setup is the power to Plant/Harvest/Remove Broken Pots/Apply Supplements to the whole Grow Setup on the identical time. They additionally let you connect Components which give boosts to numerous stats reminiscent of development pace and yield.
  2. Grow Setup You can rapidly choose up your entire pots and eliminate damaged pots by interacting with the develop setup which they’re on and hitting X for Advanced Options then C to Remove Pots.
  3. Components – Start utilizing Components and Grow Setups when rising Purple Haze, and any pressure unlocked after. If you need to maximize revenue, keep away from utilizing watering elements for so long as potential, because it’s actually only a luxurious.
  4. Supplements – Don’t purchase develop increase and many others early game, simply purchase extra buckets and improve develop pace that manner.
  5. Supplements – Mid to Late game, the best lvl Grow Boost will prevent cash by lowering sturdiness loss on Pots and Components.
  6. Strain – To maximize income, at all times develop the latest pressure you could have unlocked.
  7. Mold – Mold reduces the standard of a plant the longer it’s rising whereas contaminated. If you allow your vegetation unharvested, it should have a a lot larger probability of getting moldy. It also can unfold from plant to plant. Use prevention, or remedy mildew if it pops up. If you harvest the plant whereas it nonetheless has mildew, it is high quality might be drastically decrease than for those who remedy it, which might deliver down your high quality common and decrease your gross sales worth per gram.
  8. Spider Mites – Spider Mites will decelerate and finally cease your vegetation from rising. You can forestall it utilizing dietary supplements, or you possibly can remedy it after your vegetation are affected. It will unfold from plant to plant if left untreated.
  9. Russet Mites – Russet Mites will cease your plant from rising, and really begin lowering it’s yield till they’re cured. They might be prevented with dietary supplements, however are unaffected by the protections provided from Ventilation. Russet mites solely afflict vegetation lvl 3 and up.
  10. Quality – Quality now begins at 50% as an alternative of 100%. At 50% you’ll obtain full retail worth, for those who improve your high quality, you’re going to get a worth bonus when promoting Flower/Packages as much as +15% at 100% weed high quality. You additionally acquire an XP increase for harvesting larger high quality weed, scaling as much as 2.5x at 100% high quality.


Quality results how a lot your buyer can pay in your flower and packaged merch contained in the store.

(*3*) Red -30%

Orange -20%

Yellow -10%

Green Suggested Retail Price

Light Blue +5%

Blue +10%

Purple +15%


  1. Freebies
    • Hand out Doobies to Burnouts early game to lift their Respect and Addiction degree and to lure them into your store. To pace this up, you should purchase them for 12$ a chunk from ‘Slim’ from the Tutorial (out of your store to the suitable).
    • When giving out freebies, if the client is prepared to purchase you possibly can increase the worth for those who’d wish to. It is feasible to make lots of more money this fashion, although it bares a danger. Any failed try will end in lack of respect which scales as much as -5 for those who fail a max worth provide. Use Q and E to regulate the worth when promoting exterior of your retailer.
  2. Strain
    • You acquire a store ranking bonus for stocking a number of strains, so the previous meta of solely rising the newest pressure is now not legitimate.
    • If you might be left with just one gram of a pressure, you possibly can eliminate it by rolling it right into a Doobie or by smoking it in a ‘Dumpster Bong’. This works for any pressure within the game. You also can disable the pressure from being bought within the Sellify App.
  3. Merch
    • Starting at lvl 8 you should purchase a ‘Ghetto Shelf’ and begin promoting merch. Previously, it was greatest to inventory solely the newest unlocked merch (Bongs/Grinders/Packages), however now selection is king. Having a bigger selection will increase your Service Rating, which ends up in greater gross sales.

Customer Relations

  1. Stats
    • Respect (Thumbs Up) impacts what number of grams a buyer will purchase, the chance a buyer will purchase Merch out of your shows, and will increase the worth paid per gram when promoting exterior of your store.
    • Loyalty (Green Arrow) goes up every time you make a cope with a buyer. The larger this worth is, the extra probably the client is to purchase Merch out of your cabinets. It additionally will increase the worth paid per gram when promoting exterior of your store. Note, you additionally want just a few factors of loyalty to get a buyer into your retailer for the primary time.
    • Addiction (Smiley Face) impacts what number of grams a buyer will purchase.
    • You can increase your Respect with clients by stocking two various kinds of the identical class of weed (sativa/indica). When somebody asks you for the decrease tier, give them a better tier as an alternative. They will solely pay the worth of the decrease tier weed, however you will obtain 1 respect with them.
  2. Freebies
    • When rolling a Doobie/Joint/Blunt/Etc, THC degree is factored into the rolled merchandise high quality. Likewise, the listed retail worth on a ‘Package’ is simply achievable through the use of a Weed Strain containing a minimum of the identical quantity of THC that’s listed on the Package within the Dope Market.
    • Tourists will reply favorably to JOINTS containing a minimum of 7% THC (not those you purchase from ‘Slim’), ‘Locals’ will want a BLUNT containing a minimum of 11% THC or higher.
  3. Popularity To entice ‘Tourists’ and ‘Locals’ into your store you might want to increase your ‘Popularity’ to the group with ‘Decorations’ and store upgrades. In the ‘Pimp It’ app in your laptop, you possibly can see the breakdown of your reputation. To get ‘Tourist’ to enter your store you have to 15 vacationer reputation. To get ‘Locals’ to enter your store, you want a mixed whole of 45 or better (‘Base Popularity’ + ‘Local Popularity’). Promo will probably tie into this technique as effectively, however at present the stat doesn’t have an effect on something.


  1. Inventory – Employee Inventory is managed via the DO-er app. Click the worker you need to handle, then the image of 3 crates within the “Available Inventory” part.

    • Promo employees wants Doobies/Joints/Blunts/Crackwoods/Crossjoints/Dolla Joints handy out.
    • Farmers will Plant seeds (if they’ve them of their stock), water, harvest vegetation, and spray mites and mildew (if they’ve the spray cures of their stock).
    • Merch Manager will inventory merch cabinets and counters (if they’ve Packaged Products, Bongs and/or Grinders of their stock).
      • Merch – You can assign merch to a selected shelf by clicking the shelf, X for Display Options, Z to Assign Restocker Merch, then select the merchandise you need to be stocked.
      • Merch – Stocking accuracy depends upon your worker’s Merch Manager degree.
    • Sales Manager – Will promote your product to clients (wants an open gross sales counter).
    • Security – Will defend your store towards theft and degenerates.

  2. Employee Management
    • Much like myself, staff have to get excessive to operate at peak effectivity. Place some joints (or any rolled product) of their stock, and they are going to mechanically get excessive after they want it.
    • Employees are paid for by the Real Time Hour. Every 60 minutes IRL you’ll auto pay their wage once more.
    • You can have a number of staff assigned to the identical job.
  3. Employee Leveling
    • Leveling up your Employees, and then placing perks into particular abilities, will increase the pace at which they full that job. Their Salary solely will increase as soon as factors are assigned.
    • You can rapidly degree up staff by having them work as a cashier, whereas placing their ability factors into the ability you finally need them to make use of.
    • If you need to reset your staff’ perks, you possibly can beat them down with the Sh**scalibur. This will reset them to degree 1 and you have to to degree them up once more.


  1. Safe – The objective of the Safe is to offer passive safety in your cash. The mechanics will not be applied but, however finally it is possible for you to to be robbed of your money.
  2. Customers – Customers will steal merch from you for those who don’t serve them in time, or for those who inform them to get misplaced. You can beat them right down to get the merchandise again, however the buyer will lose 25 loyalty stat with every hit. It’s higher to only allow them to take it. If you could have a safety guard, he can beat them down with no penalties and you’ll mechanically obtain the merchandise again.
  3. Degenerates
    • The Snitch – Keep an eye fixed out for the informant! He’s cross-eyed and has a gross beard. If you see him, beat him along with your dildo or one thing. He can generally be discovered proper in entrance of your retailer, speaking sh** about you to your clients. He will begin to seem whenever you attain lvl 10. Your safety guard will mechanically assault him.
    • Crackheads – Crackheads will typically attempt to rob you at night time after you reached lvl 20. They’ll come into the shop and steal any merch they’ll get their arms on and run. Beating them down will make them drop the merchandise. If your safety catches them, they’ll get well the merchandise for you.
    • Rival Dealers – Bath Salts Dealers will promote exhausting medicine to your clients and decrease their loyalty to you after you’ve reached lvl 30. You can inform if they’re current from little black luggage your clients might be holding with a cranium and crossbones on it. You want to search out them and beat them down asap to keep away from stat loss. Also be careful! They’ll shank you.


  1. Overlay – Press the ‘1-4’ keys to point out your totally different stock overlays. This reveals the breakdown of various strains/seeds/concentrates/merch you might be in possession of. The circle across the icon signifies high quality degree. If the standard degree will get low, clients can pay much less per gram. If high quality degree is raised buyer can pay extra.
  2. Deliveries – DELIVERIES ARE NOW DELIVERED VIA DRONE, CHECK OUTSIDE YOUR SHOP! You can change your transport methodology when inserting an order. There are 3 choices, ‘UPS’ which takes 90 seconds and prices you 10% of the acquisition order, ‘Ex’ which takes solely 10 seconds, however prices 20%, and ‘USBS’ which takes 300 seconds, however prices a flat fee charge of fifty$. It is VITAL you utilize the final transport methodology typically to extend your revenue when you begin ordering about $1000 price of merchandise at a time.
  3. Trash – Check round all of the trash cans for Doobies and Cash throughout your downtime. The doobies you discover are good to be given to Burnouts except their high quality (indicated with a inexperienced circle within the nook of the icon) is beneath 50-60%, at which level you possibly can bundle them in a doobie pack and promote them for slightly below $50.
  4. High Bonus – Getting excessive can earn you 50% extra exp. This solely takes impact at ‘B*tch Don’t Go Under’ or larger. Note additionally, {that a} 50% improve over 1exp doesn’t equal 2exp. You’ll solely begin seeing the 50% bonus as soon as you might be incomes a minimal of 2exp per transaction.
  5. Difficulty
    • Chill – This mode will disable The Degenerates (Snitch/CrackHeadvertisements/MethDealers) and Mites/Mold. Also disables seasonal occasions.
    • Average – This mode will allow The Degenerates, Mites,and Mold. Seasonal occasions are energetic.
    • Trippy – This mode will allow the excessive occasions and have all the typical options.
  6. AutoSave – The game will autosave each time you degree up or hit the esc button. The solely option to load an autosave is through the use of the resume autosave button. So if the game occurs to crash or one thing occurs and you haven’t manually saved, you should utilize the resume autosave button to get the final autosave. You also can set an autosave timer within the gameplay choices.

High Events

  • Level 5 – Crab Digger (High degree of ♥♥♥♥♥ dont go beneath)
  • Level 10 – Blaze within the maze (Night Time Only) (High degree of ♥♥♥♥♥ dont go beneath)
  • Level 15 – Mad Munchie (High degree of Baked AF)
  • Level 20 – Burnout Bowling (Requires wheelchair) (High degree of Baked AF)
  • Level 25 – Red Bong, Green Bong (Night Time Only) (High degree of Dude wheres my cart)
  • Level 30 – Duck, Duck, Dolphin (High degree of Dude wheres my cart)

Twitcher App

Twitcher App permits your Twitch chat to work together with the game.

  1. How to attach
    • Type you twitch username within the offered house.
    • Click the button (a browser window will popup).
    • Click join, a password might be generated. Copy that password.
    • Click the button.
    • Click join
  2. Permission Icons
    • Broadcaster
    • Moderator
    • VIP
    • Subscriber
    • Everyone
  3. Commands
    • #dowhatnow – Displays an inventory of obtainable command in chat.
    • #assign – Assigns a person a selected character. (Ex. #assign Username Customer Name).
    • #rename – Renames explicit character’s title. (Ex. #rename Customers Name>New
      Customer Name)
    • #take away – Removes character’s title. (Ex. #take away Customer Name)
    • #mynameis – Change buyer title if assigned to that buyer.
    • #gethigh – Gets the participant excessive.
    • #say – Displays message above the assigned clients head.
    • #bounce – Makes the participant bounce
    • #bounce – Makes seashore balls bounce
    • #holdmydildo – drops dildos on the participant (requires quantity after)(Ex. #holdmydildo 50)
    • #makeit – Change climate. Clear/Cloudy/Rainny/Foggy (Requires participant to face on the group of butterflys throughout the boardwalk from the store)
    • #popoff – Fireworks Display
    • #assignrandom – Assigns a person a random character. (Ex. #assignrandom Username)
    • #pullup – Spawns the person in as a thief. Player must be contained in the store earlier than it is ready to be energetic (10 minute cooldown per person, and 5 minute cooldown for the store after 3 makes use of).

Tutorial Walkthrough

  1. Talk to ‘The Dude’ and observe his mission line. He will ship you to totally different folks across the boardwalk who’re indicated with a marker in your HUD.
  2. Drop the paint buckets acquired from ‘Dr Greenbum VD’ in your again develop-room and begin rising. Place your ‘Small Weed Jar’ on the bottom for now.
  3. While your vegetation are rising, go exterior to the trash cans lining the boardwalk and choose up ‘Trash Money’ and ‘Crappy Doobies’.
  4. Once you might be on the mission ‘Deal on the Boardwalk’, begin discovering ‘Burnouts’ (Displayed beneath their title) strolling by and hand them Doobies. MAKE SURE THEY ARE BURNOUTS. If they comply with purchase some weed, use the E key to regulate the worth slider till it says round 70-80%.
  5. Now observe the following mission goal to search out ‘Michelle’ down an alley surrounded by previous Weed Shop Equipment. Buy the counter from him by instantly interacting with it. If you don’t have 100$ but, make some extra avenue offers or choose up extra trash cash.
  6. Set the counter up in your store, then give extra doobies out to Burnouts, this time asking them to come back again to your store as an alternative of constructing a deal. Once you increase somebody’s respect just a few instances (with the free Doobies) and get them to come back to your store, they are going to proceed coming again.
  7. After you full these gross sales, return to ‘Michelle’ and purchase the ‘Marijuana’ poster and the framed image of Weed Shop 2 for a mixed whole of $119. If you don’t have sufficient, make extra gross sales or choose up extra trash cash. If you’d like you possibly can keep on this game stage and hold accumulating cash to purchase the ‘Home Sweet Hemp’ signal which is hanging above the door.
  8. **IMPORTANT** You ought to now be on a mission referred to as ‘Swingin It’. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you just save at this level so you could have a protected return spot, as the following half might be tough. Talk to ‘Michelle’ who will ask you to go get the ‘Sh*tscalibur’ which you pickup simply by clicking on it. Careful although, NPCs might be attempting to take you out! Return with the weapon to ‘Michelle’ who will ship you again to the ‘The Dude’ to ‘f*ck him up’. F*ck him up.
  9. Now return and speak to ‘Michelle’. He will provide you with your first PC which you utilize to order objects going ahead. This concludes the TUTORIAL! CONGRATS!

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