While Starfield has a great epic main storyline to follow, I love it more for the odd little bits of incidental content that can crop up. You could be selling some gear in a coffee shop, or floating in space, when suddenly a new quest opportunity pops up. One of the latter is a chance meeting with Juno, which puts you in something of a moral dilemma. So, what happens if you kill Juno in Starfield? 

Starfield Juno’s Gambit mission – To Kill or save Juno

Encountering Juno is a Starfield random space encounter that can occur when you jump into the orbit of a planet. This means that, unfortunately, you can’t just go out and find it (patience, young padawan). Eventually, though, you’ll come across a Myastrious Ship and get the quest Board the Mysterious Ship. After boarding and talking to the inhabitants, you’ll have a choice. The short answer is, I think it’s best to save Juno. However, here are all three options and outcomes.

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  • Persuade the Ryujin Operatives to leave: For this ending to be an option you’ll need to be a member of the Ryujin Faction. Juno will ask you to kill the Ryujin Operatives. Talk to them instead, and you’ll be able to talk them into standing down. This way Juno heads off into the sunset, and you get some extra Credits and XP for dropping off the Ryujin Operatives.
  • Help Juno: You’ll need to kill the Ryujin Operatives for this ending (as was an option above). They’re pretty weak, so it’s not a tough battle, but be prepared for a fight. You’ll get to loot them of course, and afterward, Juno will head off on a mission of discovery. Maybe you’ll meet again?
  • Help the Ryujin Operatives: In this scenario, you try to shut down (or kill) Juno. However, it doesn’t work. Juno kills the operatives and is seriously annoyed with you. Juno leaves, angry. Let’s hope you don’t reencounter them…

So, if you help Juno versus the Ryujin Operatives you’ll either get to loot them or deliver them as passengers for some extra XP and Credits while making a new and potentially powerful friend. Otherwise, you have little to show for it and a new enemy.

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