Players who start their Trailblazing journeys in Honkai Star Rail might be surprised at how many abbreviations the game throws at them. DoT is found in plenty of skill descriptions, leaving many players scratching their heads at exactly what it is. DoT is a very important battle mechanic, though, as it can help get chip damage on enemies.

DoT explanation for Honkai Star Rail

In short, DoT stands for Damage over Time. This encompasses any damage that the enemy takes once their turn is ready. Some players might notice that enemies take a bit of damage before acting: that’s DoT going to work.

There are six different sources of DoT in Honkai Star Rail, and they all connect to six of the seven Elements present in the game. Each source of DoT is as follows:

  • Physical: causes Bleed which damages the enemy over time.
  • Fire: causes Burn which damages the enemy over time.
  • Ice: can Freeze the enemy which delays their action, also deals damage over time.
  • Wind: causes Wind Sheer which damages the enemy over time.
  • Lightning: causes Shock which damages the enemy over time
  • Quantum: causes Entanglement, which delates the enemy’s action and deals damage over time.

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Who can deal DoT in Honkai Star Rail?

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Technically, all characters except those with the Imaginary element can deal DoT in some capacity. There are a couple of characters, however, who have kits that are centered around accumulating DoT to weaken enemies.

Sampo, for example, has a Skill and Ultimate which both increase the damage dealt with DoT. Serval can also maintain Shock stacks with her Ultimate, which keeps enemies taking Shock DoT damage for longer.

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