While traveling through space and visiting planets in Starfield, you may come across Va’ruun Heretic Writings. This contraband item needs to be traveled with very carefully. But once you’ve snuck it into your desired location, you may be able to sell it for a pretty penny.

What do you do with the Va’ruun Heretic Writings in Starfield?

There are really only two main things I could find for you to do with the Va’ruun Heretic Writings in Starfield. The first option is to complete the mission with a Trade Authority employee at the Crimson Fleet headquarters in Key.

If you aren’t working that quest, your next best bet would be to sell the Va’ruun Heretic Writings at Trade Authority or to a miscellaneous seller who accepts contraband. While the amount you receive for the writings will vary, it’s usually a pretty decent amount of Credits.

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What are the Va’ruun Heretic Writings in Starfield?

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The Va’ruun Heretic Writings are a piece of contraband that is produced by an unknown source. Like other contraband items, you will need to be very careful traveling while having the writings on your person or ship. If you do not want to get caught, you will need to smuggle the contraband correctly. If not, your items could be confiscated and you could even find yourself in a jail cell.

The Va’ruun Heretic Writings are not to be confused with Va’ruun Scriptures. These are note items that can increase both sneak and melee permanently.

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