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In Stafield, you collect various illegal items in the game, including contrabands like Aurora. This is a pharmaceutical hallucinogen that’s banned across most planets, but there are a few missions revolving around this resource. Here’s what to do with Aurora in Starfield.

Where to sell Aurora and other contraband in Starfield

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There’s a lot you can do with contraband items like Aurora (addictive hallucinogen). You can sell them at specific shops around the galaxy, and eventually, turn it into a profitable smuggling business. To sell this Aurora, head over to a Trade Authority shop in the galaxy. I visited the Trade Authority at Neon in Volii Alpha (Volii System) to sell this item. Speak to Kolman Lang at this shop to sell Aurora. Remember, having the Commerce skill unlocked fetches a bonus while selling items to vendors.

I first procured Aurora from the Astral Lounge and successfully smuggled it out of Neon City. You can do this easily by going through the Ebbside area and jumping onto your ship from above the spaceport. If your ship is well protected by scanners and shielded cargo containers, visit other planets to sell Aurora at different Trade Authority shops in the galaxy. One notable location is The Den on Chthonia in the Wolf System. This is a favorable system to visit as there are no factions to scan your ship while smuggling contraband.

How to travel with Aurora and contraband in Starfield

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You can travel to different planets with contrabands on your ship, but be careful as various space police factions will scan your ship upon entry. To become more sneaky with smuggling contraband, I suggest installing Shielded Cargo containers and Scan Jammers on your ship. To attach these modules, head to Lon Anderssen’s shop at The Red Mile on Porrima 3 (Porrima System). Select the Ship Builder option and attach Cargo Carriers with Shielded Capacity.

For example, select the 10ST Hauler Shielded Cargo Hold to get around 320 shielded capacity. Likewise, choose Scan Jammers under the Equipment tab to attach them to your ship. Remember, this only shields a certain amount of contraband, so it’s best not to exceed that weight limit by carrying too many illegal items.  

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Likewise, the Deception skill (Social) also reduces the efficiency of contraband scans. It’s ideal to rank up this skill quickly by convincing enemy ships to surrender. Rank 4 Deception makes enemy contraband scans 50% less effective.

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You can also craft Aurora at a Pharmaceutical Lab after acquiring its recipe. The recipe to craft Aurora will be available after you complete the Fishy Business. If you are planning to make money off smuggling contrabands in the game, then it’s essential to learn how to craft Aurora.

Remember, consuming too much Aurora will inevitably come with the Stimulant Addiction status affliction. You can cure this condition permanently by using a Junk Flush (Aid Item) or by visiting a Doctor on any of the major planets. Aurora slows down time for a few seconds, and I recommend selling this contraband instead of consuming it.

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