You may have come across Sentient AI Adapters on The Almagest space station in Starfield. These are contraband items that you can sell at Trade Authority vendors across the space. But you cannot smuggle these into major spaceports like New Atlantis if your ship doesn’t have a shielded cargo hold. Fortunately, there’s a location where you can sell this contraband without getting scanned.

What to do with Sentient AI Adapters – Sell Contraband in Starfield

Open Starmap and jump to the Wolf star system located between Alpha Centauri and Narion. Once there, go to the map again and travel to The Den staryard in the left corner as I’ve shown in the second image. While within 500 meters of the vessel, press select target (E on keyboard and A on controller) and dock into The Den (R on keyboard and X on controller).

Now, board the space station and go to the Trade Authority vendor named Marcel Duris. Ask the shopkeeper that you want to trade and once the vendor inventory opens, select the Sell option at the bottom of the screen. Go to Misc and click on Sentient AI Adapters to sell them to the vendor. The vendor has limited credits, so you cannot sell all the contrabands at once.

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But don’t worry, as I’ll share a simple workaround to this problem. Firstly, sell whatever number of contrabands you can for the full price. Sit on a nearby chair and select the Wait option. Increase the time slider to 24 hours and wait, which will only take 24 seconds. Once the wait timer is complete, get up and go back to the vendor. He should have more credits available now that you can receive by selling the remaining Sentient AI Adapters.

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