When Fallout 3 came out in 2008, I was so disappointed that the game had a first-person or third-person and not a top-down isometric view. As a fan of the first two games, having a shooter-like experience in the long-awaited number 3 was borderline blasphemy. Although it bothers me to this day, I must admit the game is excellent! But the point of view was not the only change, as each Fallout game is centered around one U.S. city. So where does Fallout 3 take place?

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In what city does the Fallout 3 story take place?

For most of the game, Fallout 3 takes place in Washington, D.C., but you’ll also travel to Maryland and Northern Virginia. Of course, the capital city you know is vastly different in this post-apocalyptic game. This is a bleak future, as Fallout 3 takes place in 2277, 200 years after the nuclear war that almost destroyed the planet.

As with most Fallout games, your character is raised in one of the Vaults but now faces the dangers of the wasteland. Fallout 3 is a great way to start this franchise, as subsequent games like Fallout: New Vegas or Fallout 4 have similar gameplay. On top of that, the story is connected, so don’t miss on important lore by skipping this game. If you’ve never played Fallout games, this is the one to start the post-apocalyptic action role-playing adventure.

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