Where is Riften in Skyrim?


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still stands high in the ranks of fantasy RPGs today, more than a decade after its release. I remember being blown away by its open-world scope and majesty back in 2011 and a whole new generation of fans are still finding it captivating today. So if you’re delving into this fantasy epic and need to find your way to Riften, read for a map and its location in Skyrim. 

Skyrim – Riften location guide (map)

Image by Steam Game Guides

Riften is the capital city of the Rift area of Skyrim, which can be found in the very southeast corner of the world map (see above). A common reason to make your way there is to visit the home of the Thieves Guild, which you’ll find in the sewers under the city (described in-game as the Ratway). Be aware that to get into the city you’ll need to pay a tax to the guards at the North Gate, unless you can intimidate them into letting you in for free. Also, you can bypass this by going to the docks and through the Black-Briar Meadery. 

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How to get to Riften – Skyrim

The most common route to get to Riften from the west is by following the path south of Throat of the World, in the southeastern part of Whiterun (northwest of Riften on the map above). Head past the Alchemist Shack and follow the path as it continues to wind its way east on the south side of the river, taking you all the way to Riften.

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