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Slasher is a Demon type of Boss in Project Slayers that drops a Tier 2 chest and a lot of EXP when you defeat him. Unfortunately, his notoriety doesn’t come from being very hard to beat but because he is challenging to find. Needless to say, I’ve lost my way around the map several times while trying to find him. If you’re like me and having difficulty locating him as well, this guide comes to the rescue! So let’s dive right in.

How to find Slasher Demon Boss in Project Slayers

Slasher Demon Boss is located near the Butterfly Mansion on the first map in Project Slayers. You can consult our maps of locations while following a step-by-step tutorial on how to locate the boss.

  1. Follow the sand path until you reach the river.
  2. Cross the bridge and keep going straight.
  3. Once you reach Butterfly Mansion, keep going straight.
  4. Once you reach the first fork in the road after the Butterfly Mansion, go left. You will reach a small clearing where Slasher spawns.

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Once you find Slasher for the first time, his location will appear in the Horse Guy selection from that point on. The Slasher uses his reaper moves in his attacks, and once you defeat him, there is a small chance that he will drop a reaper art.

How to easily defeat Slasher Demon Boss in Project Slayers

A quick and cheesy way to easily defeat Slasher Demon Boss in Project Slayers is to climb on a small hill or a rock and get his attention. Keep him busy and wait until dawn. Because he is a Demon Boss, sunlight will damage him. Once he starts taking damage, you can climb down and finish him off. Once killed, he will award you with 1000 EXP and a Tier 2 Chest.

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