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My time in Starfield has been spent exploring the Settled Systems as a scientist and professor, collecting scans and samples of minerals, flora, and fauna. Occasionally, I complete some missions and activities, one of which tasked me with finding a Charred Ecosystem in Guniibuu. The first part of my investigation required me to find Guniibuu before I could begin my search for a Charred Ecosystem in Starfield.

Where to Find the Guniibuu System in Starfield

The Guniibuu Indum system can be found to the right of Alpha Centauri, and I was able to make the jump without having any points in the Piloting skill. Once there, you need to land on a planet or moon; I recommend Guniibuu I-a, as this is where I found the Charred Ecosystem. However, it is a random spawn, so there is no guarantee you will also find it on this moon.

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How to Find a Charred Ecosystem in Starfield

To find a Charred Ecosystem on Guniibuu in Starfield, select a planet and land on a tile. The Charred Ecosystem spawn is random, so it may take some time to find it. I chose Guniibuu I-a and landed near a Deserted Mineral Plant and then headed to an undiscovered location nearby.

When I encountered the Charred Ecosystem, I found a group of hot springs called Sinter Terraces. Upon getting close, the undiscovered location revealed it was the Sinter Terraces, and I found the Charred Ecosystem. Again, it is random where you can find this, so you may need to touchdown on various locations until you encounter it.

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