Hunter Slimes are uncommon creatures discovered in the huge world of Slime Rancher 2. While they’ll eat all sorts of meat, their favourite meals is the Roostro rooster. If you will have been searching for these slimes, this information will enable you find them to be able to gather some Hunter Plorts for your self.

Hunter Slime Locations in Slime Rancher 2

Screenshot by Steam Game Guides

Hunter Slimes are particular to Starlight Strand, the identical area the place the Flutter Slimes reside. This island is positioned to the south of Rainbow Fields and might be accessed through a portal. Upon exploring Starlight Strand, you may come throughout Hunter Slimes in the purple area as depicted on the map. However, the place the place you may find them in abundance is on the southernmost shore of the island.

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Screenshot by Steam Game Guides

The most attention-grabbing factor about these slimes is that they usually flip invisible for a brief length (see picture). You will nonetheless have the option to find them as their eyes by no means vanish. If you’re planning to maintain Hunter Slimes on the ranch, make certain the Corral you utilize has excessive partitions and is nowhere close to a Coop. That’s as a result of these are intelligent creatures and can get away to eat all of your chickens.

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