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While you might think you’re a lockpicking master in Wartales, some chests you find are always going to be beyond even the masters among us. Each of these chests needs a specific type of key, be it crude or golden, to open it. Unfortunately, the key locations aren’t always as obvious as we’d like. And just because you’ve found one specific key, it doesn’t mean it won’t open more than one different lock. I came across my second matching lock and panicked. Had I missed my chance by using that key elsewhere? Luckily, I later found another. If you have the same dilemma, let’s discuss where to find Ornate Keys in Wartales.

Missing Ornate Key in Wartales

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If you’re missing an Ornate Key in Wartales, fear not. There are two Ornate Keys in the first couple of regions in the game, which can be used to open two specific chests in those same regions. The first is at Tiltren Lumbermill in Tiltren County, and the second is from the Sentinel Tower in Vertruse Province.

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Tiltren Lumbermill Ornate Key location

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Tiltren Lumbermill is just a short walk northwest of Tiltren County’s main town, Stromkapp. As with many locations in Wartales, you need to take a careful scan of the location with your mouse to find all of its secrets. First, sweep across the upstairs area of the barn and you’ll find a Chest. Open this to find your first Ornate Key.

You can choose to immediately use this key to open the trapdoor in the same barn. This gives you access to a cellar where you’ll find a couple of prisoners being used as slaves, as well as a few nice items. However, when you go back upstairs and leave the lumber mill you’ll immediately be attacked by the mill owner. I found this to be a pretty tough fight, so you might want to wait until you’re at least level two across the board before you tackle it.

Vertruse Province Ornate Key location

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You’ll need to have a battle in Vertruse Province too if you want to get another Ornate Key. The region is full of level four to six enemies, but unlike the Tiltren Lumbermill one, I didn’t find this battle overly difficult. However, it is deep into the Vertruse region, right in the southwest at Sentinel Tower (1).

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You’ll first have to battle some Bandits. Once defeated, you’ll find they were keeping a man captive. It turns out he is a fisherman, and he is so thankful he gives you his prized possession. You guessed it, an Ornate Key. He also suggests you visit him sometime at Mermant’s Fishery, which unfortunately happens to be in the northeast of Vertruse Province. When you get there, speak to him once more and he’ll allude to a Chest the key will open. You’ll need to head to the fishing spot just north of the Fishery to find it (2). The Ornate Key can be used to open the chest you find there.

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