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You’ve probably been to New Atlantis and other major cities around the systems, but have you explored the other unique locations like The Den and other space stations? While The Den may not be the biggest and most exciting of spaces to explore, it still offers some special services that can be rare to find outside of the cities. Check out the details on how to get there below and take a trip to the station to see for yourself!

The Den Space Station Location in Starfield

The Den is a special location you can explore in Starfield for different quests or unique vendors. However, it isn’t located on a specific planet; instead, it is a space station you will find in the Wolf system. It is just off to the left side of the planet Chthonia.

How to dock at the Den in Starfield

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Selecting The Den on your map will allow you to jump into its orbit in your ship, but to board the space station fully, you’ll need to dock to it. To do this, press A on the exterior of the space station to target it, much like how you target enemy ships, and then fly close enough until the Dock X button option pops up. Now, you will automatically be pulled in, and you can board that station.

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Starfield The Den Points of Interest

Unfortunately, The Den doesn’t have much to it. It’s a fairly small location, being a space station and all, but it is included as one of the more important places to visit due to the fact that it holds one of the few Ship Services Technician locations where you can build your ship. You’ll notice Marcel right when you enter the station, and like all technicians, he offers a way to modify, repair, or upgrade your ship.

Along with the Ship Services, you will also find a decent-sized bar belonging to a nostalgic ex-soldier and a UC med bay. There are a few NPCs with some side quests you can pick up from here, and the owner of the bar, Orval, offers a few items up for purchase. The biggest point of interest in The Den, besides the Ship Services, would be the Trade Authority.

Where to sell contraband at The Den in Starfield

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If you’re looking for some of the best places to get rid of contraband items, you’re going to want to head to a Trade Authority. They are known to deal with just about any product, illicit or otherwise, and they also happen to be the main running business of The Den. This is a great place to go to sell your items for a decent price, and you won’t have to worry about being scanned for it before docking there.

It may not be the biggest location to explore, but it holds some worthwhile services, including a way to get rid of stolen and contraband items and build and modify your ship. It’s also worth visiting to pick up a few extra side quests and meet some new, interesting characters.

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