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Redfall is a narrative-driven first-person shooter that can be played solo or co-op as a group of survivors. You will encounter various main missions and side quests as you progress through the game. One mission you will have to complete during the story is the House of Echoes mission, which requires you to track down missing dolls and Sin Eaters. This may leave you wondering how to complete The House of Echoes Mission in Redfall.

All Missing Dolls Locations in The House of Echoes in Redfall

The Missing Dolls are collectible items you need to complete The House of Echoes mission. This will take you to Dr. Addison’s mansion in search of his lab. You must find three dolls scattered around the house and grounds and then place them in Amelia’s Dollhouse. After collecting and placing all three dolls, step into the dollhouse. To complete The House of Echoes mission, you must locate and defeat three Sin Eaters.

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Tina Doll Location

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Take the double doors that lead upstairs to the attic. Look for a children’s tent where several stuffed animals are set up. You will find one of the dolls here.

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Lucy Doll Location

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The next doll can be found downstairs on the ground level. Go into the kitchen and head to the central island. The second doll is on top of the counter.

Bella Doll Location

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The final doll is not located within the main building but is on the grounds. Exit the house and go to the greenhouse. You will find the remaining doll resting on one of the planters.

Where to find the Sin Eaters in Redfall

There are three Sin Eaters in the dollhouse that you must locate. They are spread out, but you can easily find them by sprinting through the house. This makes noise and alerts them to your position, revealing their position by the question marks that appear over their heads. Here is where to find all three Sin Eaters in Redfall.

1st Sin Eater Location

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We found the first Sin Eater on the bottom level. It is located in the side kitchen, where there are numerous cupboards containing plates and cups. Kill it and move on to the next one. Be sure to follow and pick up the Hollow Man’s Psychic Echo.

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2nd Sin Eater Location

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Head up to the attic where you found the tent and the first doll. The next Sin Eater is in the same room opposite the tent. Defeat it and collect the Psychic Echo.

3rd Sin Eater Location

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The final Sin Eater is found in the greenhouse near where the doll was. Defeat it and grab the last Psychic Echo.

With the dolls found, and Soul Eaters eliminated, you will gain Addison’s Lab Key. Head to Addison’s Lab back in the house on the second floor to observe the Final Psychic Echo. Watch the final echo, grab the Butterfly Needle, and exit the dollhouse to complete The House of Echoes mission in Redfall.

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