Where to get Microsecond Regulator in Starfield


If you’re looking forward to upgrading your weapons and space gear in Starfield, you’ll have to get used to crafting at workbenches. These upgrades require specific resources, one of which includes the Microsecond Regulator component.

Where to Buy Microsecond Regulator From in Starfield

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A Microsecond Regulator costs 201 credits and has a mass value of 4.30. During my exploration journey, I found out that this resource is rather easy to find and is available at several shops. Below I’ve listed a few vendors where I found the Microsecond Regulator in stock.

Star System Planet/Moon Location Shop
Volii Neon Neon Core / Upper Platform Trade Authority
Volii Neon Neon Core / Upper Platform Sieghart’s Outfitters
Alpha Centauri New Atlantis The Well Trade Authority
Alpha Centauri New Atlantis The Well Apex Electronics

I found Microsecond Regulator at these shops, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll too since the inventory is randomized and changes regularly. If you don’t find the item, visit nearby vendors or wait a while before returning.

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What is the Microsecond Regulator used for in Starfield?

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Microsecond Regulator is an essential resource that you may need while crafting at the Weapon and Spacesuit Workbenches. I required this item while adding the Fully Automatic receiver to my Solstice pistol. Furthermore, the Optimized Servos mod for the spacesuit required this component.

Stay tuned to Steam Game Guides for more Starfield content. In the meantime, head over to our article on Where to pay off United Colonies Bounty in Starfield.


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