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Whether you’re trying to perfect your stealth sniper build or just trying to stock up, finding ammo in Starfield may seem daunting. But I promise that it’s actually quite simple to source ammo once you know where to look!

How do you get more Ammo in Starfield?

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Getting more ammo in Starfield can be done in a variety of ways. Depending on your patience, you can even make sure you never pay for ammo again. If you’re looking for a specific type in a short period of time, you may need to have some Credits ready.

Loot Places and Corpses

When you’re searching through places full of pirates or spacers, you’ll find tons of ammo lying around. Whether you take it off of their dead bodies or from their ammo cases, you’re likely to find a wide variety. Even some colonist outposts or other friendly locations can sometimes have ammo lying around. Use your scanner to spot ammo lying around more easily.

Check the Lodge and Ship

The Lodge has a space in the basement beside the weapon workbench that sometimes contains ammo. The type will vary, so check back at the Lodge every now and then. You can also see the same within your ship’s inventory, with there sometimes being new ammo placed inside.

Buy from a Vendor

The fastest way to get new ammo in Starfield is to buy some from a vendor. Vendors will change what ammo they sell over time, so you can check in at different times. If you want to, consider sitting down and waiting for their inventory to refresh. Vendors refresh their inventory every 48 hours.

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How much Ammo do Companions need in Starfield?

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There is a great secret mechanism involving companions and ammo in Bethesda games, including Starfield. Companions only need one round of ammo to use that ammo type endlessly. Just make sure the companion has a weapon that matches the single round of ammo that you’ve given them. For example, you can give your companion an Equinox and one round of 3KV LZR to have them never run out of ammo.

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