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While Starfield is far from boring, it may be easy to feel uninspired while playing. If you’re looking for some ideas to get you along, read below! We’ve outlined the most fun activities in Starfield, perfect for any player.

What are the Best Activities in Starfield?

Need something to do? You’re in luck because there are so many things you can choose from. I’ve narrowed down some great options. Check out all of these activities!

The Obvious Activities

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First, I wanted to address the more obvious activities that are fun in Starfield. This includes quests, talking with characters, and going to cities. All of these activities are fun, don’t get me wrong. But they’re all ones you’ve probably thought of on your own, meaning that they really don’t need recommending.

Rack Up a Bounty

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If you’re feeling a bit bored in Starfield, consider causing chaos and getting yourself into some trouble. Whether you want to shoot everyone in your proximity or you want to steal a ship, have at it! Just make sure to have a previous save handy if you want to undo the damage you’ve dealt out.

Customize Your Ship

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Not only can you add components to your ship, but you can even buy entirely new ones (as long as you have enough credits). Best of all, you can paint your spaceship just about any way you want. Any of these activities will be quite fun, even hours later when you get glimpses of your handiwork.

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Starting a Romance

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Did you know you can romance a few select characters in Starfield? Sweep them off their feet and flirt to your heart’s desire! You can choose to dedicate yourself to one character forever, but you could also play the field and test out all of your options.

Spaceship Simulator

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Need to brush up on your ship battling skills? If so, head over to the UC Vanguard (MAST) building and do a spaceship simulation. This way, you get tons of experience without worrying about real consequences like damage to your ship.

Explore the World

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Sometimes you need to just get out of your comfort zone and see what’s out there. This may sound obvious to some players, but it is always a good reminder. You may find a location or person that you didn’t even know was in Starfield!

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