While attempting to unlock your Transfiguration spell, you come face-to-face with the brainiac student, Sophronia Franklin, who refuses to let you grab the Field Guide page you need without first completing her little quiz. This quiz can feature various random trivia questions about Harry Potter. You can return to Sophronia whenever to answer some more trivia questions for some handy rewards. If you’re struggling with a certain Quidditch knowledge question, we’ve got you covered!

What Quidditch Ball is the Largest?

Screenshot via Hogwarts Legacy Official Wiki

You might have gotten this question about Quidditch while completing Sophronia’s trivia, and the correct answer is the: Quaffle.

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The Quaffle is the main ball that is passed between players and tossed into any of the three hoops to score a point, and it happens to be the largest ball used on the Quidditch pitch. Seems likely they made it the biggest so it’s easier to throw and catch while in the air, unlike the tricky little Snitch.

Now you can answer this question correctly and move on to the next! You’ll be collecting your potion rewards or your Field Guide page in no time.

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