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The Duviri Paradox is a harsh environment ruled by a mad king obsessed with the desire for your obliteration. Warframe usage is limited, but you do have a bit of access to one. However, unlike the normal game, you do not have access to your typical roster and must, instead, be forced to choose one of the three starter frames to progress the storyline. Wondering which Warframe to choose? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Behold, dear viewer: the best Warframe to choose in the Duviari Paradox.

Best Warframe to choose in the Duviri Paradox

As a Warframe veteran since the game’s Closed Beta, and an active Founder, I recommend you pick Mag as your Warframe in the Duviri Paradox. The reason is very simple. Unlike the other two starter frames, Excaliber and Volt, Mag allows you to group up enemies and pick items all with the press of a single button, Pull.

This efficiency is extremely important because, as mentioned, you do not have access to your normal Warframe roster. That means, no mods, no weapons. Mag has plenty of killing power with her abilities, something all three starter frames share. However, Mag is the full package here, and with such limitations placed upon you, it is best to make do with the best of all possible worlds.

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When can you use your Warframe in the Duviri Paradox?

The main usage of your Warframe will be within the Duviri ‘underground’ known as The Undercroft. There, the Mad King has very limited sway, so you are able to use your chosen Warframe as much as you like. Many missions on Duviri will take you into The Undercroft, so you’ll be forced to use your Warframe there anyway. Additionally, for older players of the game, your Operator has access to their entire kit and weaponry while in the Undercroft. This, effectively, makes your Operator more powerful than the Warframe when it comes to raw killing potential.

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