Do you need the latest Whispers Codes? Our guide has you covered with the latest active codes that can earn you free rewards like currency, boosters, and in-game items. We update the list regularly, so bookmark and check back often.

Whispers is a game that will immerse you in a romantic story and let you make choices that will determine your destiny!

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We have verified that there are new codes on May 4, 2023! You can find all the free offers currently available in the list below.

All Whispers Codes

  • bT21eV – Redeem code for 5 diamonds (expires May 10, 2023)
  • TNtzYD Redeem code for 5 Diamonds

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Whispers Codes Expired

  • MKP8ua Redeem code for 5 Diamonds

What do these icons do

At Whispers, using codes is a popular way to get free in-game items and bonuses that can speed up your progress. However, keep in mind that these exclusive bonuses can only be redeemed once, so it’s important to claim them when you’re ready to maximize their benefits. Also, be aware that these codes have an expiration date, which makes it essential to use them at the right time to avoid losing valuable in-game assets.

How to redeem Whispers codes

To redeem codes in Whispers, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Whispers on your device
  2. Click on the rewards button at the bottom of your screen
  3. Click the redeem code button in the rewards menu
  4. Enter a code from our list in the text area
  5. Click on the Exchange button to claim your rewards

If a new code doesn’t work, try closing the game and reopening it. This will put you in a new server, which could have an updated build of the game where the code will run!

How to get more tokens

To find more icons, be sure to join Official Facebook page To get news and updates and chat with other players. Otherwise, we’ll be updating this wiki with all the latest icons, so be sure to check back frequently!

Various whispers portray male characters
Photo: Gamehaus Network

about whispers

Whispers is an interactive romance story game where players can control their own destiny. It offers a wide range of options for players to choose their own adventure, whether they want to experience a romance with vampires or werewolves, or star in an alpha male romance. With each interactive episode, players can make important life choices, such as starting a relationship, dating guys and girls, falling in love, discovering friends’ deep secrets, or kissing their true love.

What sets Whispers apart is that each decision the player makes can affect the story and lead to new paths of passion or romance. Players can customize their character’s clothing, hairstyle, gender, and choose their dream lover from a variety of options, including a mafia boss, billionaire, vampire, or werewolf.

The game is constantly updated with new weekly chapters and book releases, including a growing library of episodic stories and a series of romance book adaptations. Each episode features animated cutscenes and allows players to immerse themselves in the story and control the fate of the characters they create.

Whispers boasts a talented group of fantasy writers, including popular romance writers from the Wattpad and Webnovel communities, who have contributed to the creation of the game’s stories. It is a game where players’ choices matter, and they can shape the chapters and the story according to their preferences.

These are all the codes we currently have listed on Whispers. If you see one that’s missing, please let us know in the comments so we can add it right away!

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