Who is Pierro in Genshin Impact?


Now that we’ve been introduced to all of Genshin Impact’s Fatui Harbingers, we are starting to learn more and more about them. They work for the Tsaritsa, the current Cryo Archon. Their current objective seems to be gathering the Gnoses of the other Archons, but they individually run their own agendas as well. Read on to learn what we know about Pierro, the first of the Harbingers.

Who is Pierro from Genshin Impact?

Once upon a time, Pierro worked as a royal mage of Khaenri’ah and was acquainted with the Traveler’s sibling. Being a pureblood, he received the curse of immortality and joined the Tsaritsa, forming the Fatui organization. Being the leader of the Fatui Harbingers, Pierro’s code name is The Jester. He was responsible for recruiting Il Dottore, La Signora, and was involved in the Tatarasuna Mystery that resulted in Scaramouche’s eventual recruitment.

Pierro appears in A Winter Night’s Lazzo, where he appears to be middle-aged, wears a fur coat, and has at least shoulder-length, light-colored hair. He also wears a mask on the right side of his face, which is similar to Dainslief’s mask. There are rumors that Pierro may have a filial relationship with Kaeya, but this has largely been left unconfirmed.

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Details about Pierro from the Pale Flame Artifact Set in Genshin Impact

The item description for the Mocking Mask from the Pale Flame Artifact set states The Jester’s name directly, so we don’t have to guess that it is about him. There are three key lines from this description:

  • “Since my level of learning could not compare with the sages, I failed to earn the favor of the previous ruler.”
    • Due to his design and his status as the first Fatui Harbinger, it’s widely believed that Pierro was originally from Khaeri’ah. This line likely refers to his status in that nation, beneath the sages. Although, he would likely have to have been someone of importance if he had a chance of earning the favor of its ruler, even though he apparently failed.
  • “So too did I fail to stop them from tearing away the veil of sin, ushering in a tide of divine wrath, destruction, and foolishness.”
    • This line also supports the theory that Pierro is originally from Khaenri’ah. It likely refers to his failure to stop the events of the Cataclysm.
  • “Let us don our masks in mockery of the world as we go forth and rewrite the rules of destiny.”
    • This is the last line of the item description, and it tells us about his goals as a Harbinger. The “rules of destiny” is likely referring to the Heavenly Principles.
    • He also states in the promotional video that the Fatui Harbingers will be “seizing authority from the Gods.”

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