WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Uncharted, now showing in theaters.

Given the bombastic scope of the video game and Hollywood’s knack for high-octane, blockbuster action sequences in tentpole franchises, it’s no surprise the live-action adaption of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted packed an intense, wild scene. This came in the form of an epic brawl when Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake got exposed on Moncada’s plane — which was used in trailers to hype fans for the spectacle to come.

The scene in question involved all the contents of the plane falling out of the hangar door, causing Nate to try to avoid it before being thrown out of the sky. However, as brilliant as it was visually, it made no sense at all for Nate himself to have started this drama.

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In Uncharted, Nate snuck aboard and was shocked to see Braddock slitting the throat of Moncada, the plane owner, all so she could take the map and other clues to find the Magellan gold. Nate ended up hiding in the hangar and meeting up with Chloe, someone who double-crossed him and Sully so she could help Moncada get the loot. But seeing Braddock’s sinister behavior, she knew she’d be killed too and switched sides.

Nate realized he’d be on the chopping block as well since Braddock wanted the treasure all for herself. It culminated in all three parties squaring off, with Nate then pulling the cord that held the goods back to knock Braddock’s team out. It resulted in crates and, yes, a car falling out, causing Nate to basically play leapfrog in mid-air before Chloe caught him and parachuted them to the sea below.

The problem was that it didn’t fit Nate’s mission, which was to find the gold that Braddock shot his brother, Sam, for years back. All he had to do was slip out of the plane like Sully did rather than hide in the hangar, working with Chloe on a confrontation. Nate could have taken the map Chloe stole and escaped or slipped out before meeting Chloe so he and Sully could readjust their plans. It’d have allowed him to work in the shadows to track either her or Braddock down. He knew where the plane was going, so he’d have known who had the map and who he should follow.

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Tailing the proper target would then have allowed Nate to steal the relics back and get the gold himself. More so, it’d have kept him off Chloe’s radar, as she’d have been killed or in hiding, thus she wouldn’t be around to track him down and backstab him again.

Nate would also have been able to take Braddock hostage by playing this game and find the truth out about Sam going missing, especially because he didn’t trust Sully or Chloe. Instead, Uncharted made Nate more antagonistic and emotional rather than a cerebral, covert hunter who should have been laying traps meticulously to unlock the puzzle. Sure, endangering the mission created an awesome stunt, but this nearly butchered Nate’s ambitions because, had he been killed, he would not have gotten close to discovering the truth and grabbing the gold to honor Sam’s legacy.

See how Nate’s antics on the plane made no sense in Uncharted, now playing in theaters.

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