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Pokémon is a name that any gamer will know, regardless of whether they have played the iconic series. Game Freak is the developer of Pokémon, and while they have consistently put out Pokémon games year after year, Game Freak is heading in a new direction with its newly announced Project Bloom. With Game Freak and Pokémon’s pedigree, you may have questions about Project Bloom, like what it is, when it releases, and who is developing it.

What is Project Bloom?

Project Bloom is a newly announced title from Game Freak, the developer of the Pokémon series. It is, however, not a Pokémon game but rather a brand-new IP with action-adventure gameplay. While this may surprise Pokémon fans, Game Freak has made other titles such as Pocket Jockey, Tembo the Badass Elephant, and Little Hero Town. We know nothing about the game outside the codename Project Bloom, its action-adventure elements, and a single piece of concept art.

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When will Project Bloom release?

No official release date has been given for Project Bloom, but it is expected to arrive sometime in Take-Two’s fiscal 2026, putting it a few years from release. A lot can change during this time, and we may see a sooner release date or it gets pushed back. More information will likely be revealed closer to this release date. No platforms have been announced for Project Bloom at this time either.

Who is making Project Bloom?

Project Bloom is a joint project between Game Freak and Private Division. Private Division is under the Take-Two publishing label, known for titles like Kerbal Space Program 2, Outer Worlds, and more. This is Game Freak’s first time collaborating with a Western developer, so as a long-time Pokémon fan, I am excited to see what the two can come up with, especially based on the concept art shared by the Private Division Twitter.

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