World Cup 2023 (WATCH): Famous Youtuber IShowSpeed ​​Plays Cricket in Dhoti and Virat Kohli’s Jerseys After Coming to India

The excitement is palpable in the air ODI World Cup 2023 Returning to Indian soil after almost a decade. With the rise of cricket popularity and iconic figures Virat Kohli Capturing hearts not only with their skills but also with their style, the sport has now become a global phenomenon, attracting a massive audience. Recently, a renowned YouTuber, IShowSpeedvisited India to show his support for the host country during the world event.

Who is IShowSpeed?

The original name of IShowSpeed Darren Jason And she rose to fame in 2021 when her viral video clips spread like wildfire across social media and catapulted her to internet stardom. With an impressive fan base of over 20 million subscribers on YouTube, he has become one of the most influential figures in the digital world.

Although IShowSpeed ​​is an ardent fan of the football legend cristiano ronaldo, the internet star’s interests have recently shifted to cricket as well. His support for India’s batting maestro Kohli and his visit to the subcontinent to participate in the ODI World Cup 2023 matches clearly indicate the same.

IShowSpeed ​​Virat Kohli playing cricket wearing dhoti with jersey number 18

Tongue flicks and camera flashes were IShowSpeed’s distinct choice of costume during his arrival at Inda. He was seen playing cricket in a dhoti wearing a ‘Virat Kohli jersey’. Its video quickly went viral on the internet.

In the viral clip, IShowSpeed ​​is seen surrounded by eager fans while displaying his love for the game with a cricket bat. The moment that stole the show, however, was when he managed to hit the ball, followed by a spontaneous rendition of Ronaldo’s famous ‘siuu’ celebration. This unexpected tribute to the football legend added an extra layer of entertainment to the whole scene.

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Here’s the video:

IShowSpeed’s previous appearance at a cricket stadium in Kohli’s jersey

Interestingly, this is the first time he has not been seen wearing Kohli’s jersey. He also earlier attended the India vs Australia World Test Championship (WTC) final 2023, proudly wearing Kohli’s number 18 jersey.

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