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Most gear pieces in WoW Dragonflights do not come with sockets attached. Despite sockets being highly sought after, they are incredibly rare even for the rarest of gear drops. The odds of getting gear with a socket attached are incredibly low. However, for neckpieces, all that goes out the door due to the existence of Tiered Medallion Settings. Here’s everything you need to know about them, and how to use them.

What is a Tiered Medallion Setting in WoW Dragonflight?

Tiered Medallion Settings are items that add additional gem sockets to a Dragonflight end-game neckpiece. They are crafted by Jewelcrafters and can be sold at the Auction House. They come in three quality variants: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The number of sockets added to an item when using these also varies on the number of sockets already present on a neckpiece.

For example, you can use a Bronze, Silver, or Gold quality Tiered Medallion Setting to add the first socket. If a neck already has one socket, then you can use a Silver or Gold quality Tiered Medallion Setting to add the second socket. Finally, as you probably suspect, if you have a neck that has two sockets already, then you can only use a Gold quality Tiered Medallion Setting to add the last and final socket.

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How to get a Tiered Medallion Setting in WoW Dragonflight?

If you’re an experienced Jewelcrafter, then you can just make them for yourself. If not, as mentioned, they are actively sold at the Auction House and are usually fairly cheap due to their supply. You can also place Work Orders to have them made, but I recommend just buying them directly. There is no advantage to using the Work Order system for these, as they can be purchased at the highest quality in abundance from the Auction House.

How to use a Tiered Medallion Setting in WoW Dragonflight.

Tiered Medallion Settings function like powerful enchants that add sockets to your neckpieces. Like enchants, click on them in your inventory, then click on the neckpiece you wish to add a socket to. These allow you to put powerful gems in, further enhancing the power of your character. I highly recommend using them on any neckpiece you think you’ll be keeping for a large amount of time, as the gains are worth the gold cost.

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