X-Box announced that it’s partnering with popular nail brand OPI again this year for the all-new Sunkissed Vibes Special Edition console. It will be available on May 9, 2023, priced at $69.99. In the US, players will only be able to find this as an exclusive target.

The console features four different colors inspired by the new OPI Summer make the rules group. Here’s the full announcement from Xbox Wire’s official Twitter feed:

Collaborating with OPI makes a lot of sense, given the brand’s renowned quality and focus on self-expression. The nail brand is constantly developing creative ways for people to highlight their personality, and they often use new themes to take advantage of every kind of culture or holiday.

Likewise, Xbox pushes the customization of their consoles and allows players to fiddle with a variety of textures or shades. The Design Lab recently expanded the color combinations for Series 2 consoles. Xbox also celebrated Earth Day earlier this month with a Remix Special Edition controller. Xbox and OPI previously teamed up for a successful spring lineup, so another crossover is likely:

The new Sunkissed Vibes console is bold and bright, effectively capturing the upbeat color scheme of summer. Even though the shades are varied for a single product, they never get messy, and this kind of organization is definitely a contribution from OPI. Xbox released some Redfall Last week’s limited edition consoles that have some great visuals, but also have a lot of visual noise:

It’s a shame that Sunkissed Vibes is exclusive to Target, and it seems to be the only cohesive product. But it is definitely tidy, and the collaboration is as substantive as last year.

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