Zero to Dance Hero hits the West in November

Aksys Games to release rhythm exercise game From zero to dance hero for Switch in November, the publisher announced.

Developed by SmileBoom and published by Imagineer, From zero to dance hero It was first released for the Switch on December 21, 2023. An Asian version with English language support was released on June 13, 2024.

Here’s an overview of the game, via AKsys Games:

Learn to dance from scratch! Start from the basics with real dance lessons covering 30 popular hip-hop moves. By learning each dance in small stages, even beginners can easily learn to dance well! The more hands-on Free Mode includes six original choreographed dances in a variety of music genres. Keep the beat and enjoy the fruits of your training with catchy background music! Many support features keep you motivated as you become a dance hero!

Check out the announcement trailer below.

Announcement trailer

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