Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits Winter Update Now Available, Adding New Net Sniper Game Mode

Bandai Namco has released the winter update for Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits, which adds the new “Net Sniper” game mode. A new event called “Shark Festival” will also begin in January 2024.

Get the details below.

The Winter Update introduces the new game mode, Net Sniper. Also confirmed to launch in January 2024 is a new event, the Shark Festival, where players can earn rewards for catching special sharks available for a limited time.

Fishing with a net? Watch the new trailer and details

A new promotional video has been released showing off the features of the new free update available today, Net Sniper, and the Shark Festival, which begins in January next year.

Showcasing a gameplay guide for Net Sniper and new details from the Shark Festival, the video is packed with fascinating visuals. Watch the trailer now!

New attraction added to Marine Medal Mania: Net Sniper

Net Sniper has been added to Marine Medal Mania. Net Sniper is a shooting game where players cast their net to catch as many fish as they can. Collect the summoning stones obtained by catching enough fish to summon the boss fish. Once the boss fish appears, reduce its HP to 0 to clear the stage. Recovery items and power-ups will also be removed. Avoid taking damage by colliding with fish or being hit by their attacks, boost your own skills and catch the boss.

Players can also use the “Rod Controller for Nintendo Switch” (sold separately) to help launch their network even faster. Two players can play this mode together cooperatively. If one player is knocked out, the other can revive them. Work together to catch the powerful boss fish!

For more information about Net Sniper, visit the official website (Japanese).

Shark festival to launch in January 2024 and start with the nurse shark

The Shark Festival will launch within Ace Angler+ in January 2024. The Shark Festival is a new event where players will have the opportunity to catch a different rare shark each month. Try to complete the set by catching all 12 sharks throughout the year!
The festival begins with the appearance of the nurse shark in January, famous for its large body and open mouth!

Earn in-game gifts depending on how many times you catch the shark each month. Catch the wide variety of unique sharks that appear each month to claim monthly prizes, including original in-game t-shirts. The Shark Festival will be available to play starting January 1, 2024!

Visit the official website (Japanese) for more details about the Shark Festival.

Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits is now available for Switch.

Watch a new trailer below.

Winter 2023 Update Trailer

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