Agatha Christie – Murder on the Orient Express is coming to PC and consoles

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publisher Microid And developer Microids Studio Lyon has announced the release of the next version Agatha Christie – Murder on the Orient Express Video game adaptation.

Microids promises to bring a Agatha Christie – Murder on the Orient Express A video game adaptation that will stun even the most avid Agatha Christie fan. Coming soon to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Nintendo Switch.

Murder on the Orient Express Trace the journey of the legendary detective Hercule Poirot. He is assigned to solve a murder on the prestigious train. However, solving this crime involves many twists and turns around every corner. In the video game modification, players must decipher clues and build the puzzle with their wits and investigative abilities. The game is an accurate and improved re-creation of the original plot, with the addition of a new named character Joanna Locke. The player can routinely escape from the train scene during playable memories.

As players venture Murder on the Orient ExpressThey will take on the roles of Poirot and Joanna to solve the mysteries and figure out who will uncover the truth behind the murder. Players will also get into Hercule Poirot’s head to discover mind maps and make inferences, adding an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

Murder on the Orient Express It is famous for having one of the best plot turns in literary history. The developers made sure that the video game adaptation was no exception. They also teased that players should prepare for big twists in the story that will keep them guessing until the very end.

Murder on the Orient Express It is set in a third-person perspective and has three fully dubbed voices, including English, German, and French. The target version of this game is in Fall 2023.

You can add Murder on the Orient Express for you steam Wishlist now to be notified when it becomes available.

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