Aiming and Team Caravan announce 2.5 Dimensional Seduction: Angels’ Stage for iOS and Android

Publisher Aiming and developer Team Caravan have Announced Seduction 2.5 Dimensional: Los Angeles Stage for iOS and Android. A release date was not announced.

The game description says: “The game for smartphones Seduction 2.5 Dimensional: Los Angeles Stage recreates the gripping coming-of-age story depicted in the television anime. Seduction 2.5 Dimensional, which is currently in production, and the conversational drama of familiar characters such as Masamune Okumura (voiced by Junya Enoki), Lilysa Amano (voiced by Kaori Maeda), and Mikari Tachibana (voiced by Akari Kitou). Expect to see how the “2.5 Dimensional” characters dressed up by Lilysa, Mikari, etc. They turn your smartphone into a stage.”

Watch the announcement trailer below. Visit the official website here.

Announce progress of progress

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